How do I donate a dress?

Click on the DONATIONS tab.

Do you accept old dress donations?

We accept all dresses, no matter how old. We have all our donated dresses professionally cleaned before deconstruction begins. Older dresses do tend to fall apart during the cleaning process, and in those instances, the gowns cannot be used.

My dress has yellowed over time. Can it still be used?

Absolutely! As long as the entire dress is the tinged yellow look, we can use it.

My dress is full of lace. Can it still be used?

Yes! Lace makes beautiful overlays on the girl gowns.

I do not have a dress to donate, but want to donate other supplies needed. Where can I find this information?

Click on the DONATIONS tab or fill out the CONTACT US form (located under the CONTACT tab) to let us know what you would like to donate.

I am interested in sewing or quilting for Glory Baby Ministry. How do I sign up?

Click on VOLUNTEER (located under the CONTACT tab) and fill out the form to let us know!

Are your patterns for sale?

No. After many hours of working with hospitals and individuals who work closely with the babies that pass away, we have fine-tuned our patterns. Currently, only seamstresses and quilters who volunteer within the ministry may use our patterns. Thank you for understanding.

Does my dress need to be cleaned before I donate it?

No, we have all of our dresses professionally cleaned.

Is the donation of a dress tax deductible?

Glory Baby Ministry is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization, and donations are tax deductible. If you would like a form, please contact us by filling out the CONTACT US form, located under the CONTACT tab.

Can I request a gown be made from my wedding/formal dress to be sent to a specific hospital or person?

We cannot guarantee specific placement of gowns because of the high demand of our gowns. It is difficult for our seamstresses to keep up with whose gown was made from what dress.

How much will it cost to get a burial gown or memory package?

Our cost to the families, hospitals, and funeral homes is free of charge. Shipping is also graciously covered.

Do you take pictures of the gowns that are made from my dress?

With the high volume of Glory Gowns being made, it would be difficult to take on this task. Sometimes the seamstresses use multiple dresses to complete one Glory Gown.

Can you make a special request?

Special requests may be made, but due to high demand of our gowns, please be aware that we may not be able to fill your request.

How do I make a monetary donation?

Cash or Checks (made payable to Glory Baby Ministry) can be mailed to Glory Baby Ministry 381 Red Elm Lane Bowling Green, Ky. 42101 Venmo is @glory-baby We also have a paypal fundraising link (we are not charged any fees to use this link). Click the Donate tab to go to this link.