YAY! I am registered and have paid my session fee. This page will help you with ALL of the event day details. If you have questions please don't hesitate to email us at 

If for some reason you are on this tab, but have not signed up for a headshot the link below. 

100 percent of profits from this event goes to

Glory Baby Ministry


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Each of our four photographers will have a backdrop that is gray in color. The tips listed below will work well for any of our participants. The suggestions on this page are not a one size fits all, but will be very helpful as you prepare for the big headshot day.



Check out the link below for great tips on appropriate clothing for your Headshot. A typical headshot session is generally a professional representation of yourself. Wearing ironed clothing, tops without "sayings" or "store logos" is highly recommended. Our photographers will NOT edit out wording on your clothing, stains or wrinkles. 

We suggest that you wear dark, solid colors (similar to the images above). 


If you wear glasses in your everyday life, then please do not refrain from wearing them during your headshot session. We have found that individuals who choose to forego their glasses tend to not like their images because "it just doesn't look like me." Feel free to ask your photographer to take an image with and without your glasses. Only 1 image will be fully edited and provided to the client. Our photographers are very talented and work with clients who wear glasses. They know different tricks to help with glasses that are thick or that may cause extreme glare. 


Simple, clean lines are BEST. Jewelry, broaches, pins, handkerchiefs, etc that will not take your eye away from your beautiful/handsome face are best. If this is for your business headshot then steer clear of wearing a hat (unless your business is geared around selling hats). 


We will NOT have hair and make-up available at this event. If you have a scar, mole or beauty mark that you would like removed from your 1 fully edited image please discuss this with your photographer. Make sure your hair is fixed the way you want it to be and arrive 5 minutes early if you need to spruce yourself up in the restroom prior to your session.  


Please come completely READY upon arrival to the venue. You make take a few moments to freshen up in the bathroom.



The Charleston is located at

923 College Street Bowling Green, Ky. 42101

If you are facing Spencer's Coffee on the downtown square then you will see the entrance to The Charleston to the left. 

Due to the event being on a weekday, there will NOT be available parking behind The Charleston. You will need to find parking on The Square, street parking or park in the parking structure (located beside The Hotrods Stadium) and walk to The Charleston. 

We ask that you not come into The Charleston until 5 minutes before your assigned session time. This will help to reduce the amount of people inside the facility at any given time. 

Please come completely READY upon arrival to the venue. You make take a few moments to freshen up in the bathroom. If you need to walk from the parking structure to The Charleston then please plan to bring comfortable walking shoes for your short walk. You are welcome to change into your dress shoes at The Charleston. Your shoes will NOT be seen in your headshot photo. You need to be signed in and ready to be photographed at your specified time slot. 


  • A mask is to be worn at all times by photographers, volunteers and venue staff

  • A mask is to be worn by participants until they arrive to their spot behind the camera. Once your shoot is complete, please put your mask back on when exiting the building. 

  • A mask will be available on site for those that may forget or do not have access to a mask

  • Hand sanitizer stations will be set up throughout the facility

  • We will NOT accept payment the day of the event

  • Remain in your vehicle until 5 minutes before your assigned time slot 

  • Pre-registration is REQUIRED and walk-ins will NOT be welcomed

  • Plan to arrive to the venue (The Charleston) ALONE. Please do not bring your spouse, children or friends. If your friend/spouse/colleague/etc would like their headshot taken then they will need to sign up for a slot. 


You will receive 1 HIGH RESOLUTION image from your photographer. The photographer will choose the best image and will fully edit this image prior to emailing it to the client. Expect to receive your 1 high resolution image within 3 weeks of the event date. If you would like to be guaranteed to have 2 high resolution images please sign up for 2 slots (you must pay a minimum payment of $50 per slot). If your photographer was able to photograph multiple poses during your slot then those images may be purchased from the photographer and the amount paid for additional images will go straight to the photographer and not to Glory Baby Ministry.  



100 percent of profits from this event go to Glory Baby Ministry. The photographers, venue, venue staff and volunteers are donating their time. We will try our best to refund you if you need to cancel 24 hours in advance of the event. If you are sick, have been directly exposed to Covid or need to cancel for any reason please try to give as much notice as possible. 

Click the words "meet the photographers" to learn more about their amazing skills.